Private Intensive Relationship Retreats for Couples

M. Glenys Forrester (B.Sc.Psych) (M.Sc.Psych) (Member C.P.P.A)

Who is your counsellor?

M. Glenys Forrester
(B.Sc. Psych.) (M.Sc. Psych.).

My name is Glenys Forrester and I was trained as a Clinical Counsellor and Psychotherapist with a particular interest in relationship difficulties. I trained in Canada at the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy and spent many years counselling couples who found themselves struggling to continue a relationships in crisis.

I have many years of counselling experience, working predominantly with couples who are seeking to save a disintegrating relationship or attempting to cope with the aftermath of infidelity, intimacy problems, mid-life crisis etc.. Couples may also be on the verge of deciding whether to separate or divorce and may need support as they approach these life changing decisions. 


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