Private Intensive Relationship Retreats for Couples

M. Glenys Forrester (B.Sc.Psych) (M.Sc.Psych) (Member C.P.P.A)

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Relationship Intensives are a way for couples in difficulty to make a head start on the changes they feel their relationship needs, whether they are at a crossroads in their relationship, in crisis, or just want to resolve some difficult issues.

This is a personalised, private approach, not a group programme or marriage workshop. In this process you will work both together and separately over a two day period. There will be two sessions per day and each session will take about two hours. Between sessions you will have some private time to process what we have discussed.

I hope you will find this form of relationship counselling effective in helping you to blend your male/female perspectives and at least begin the process of resolving those issues that are most critical. I hope to give you some ‘tools’ to use when dealing with your problems, tools that you can turn to when you return home. I hope to teach you better communication skills including how to listen, and how to keep your conversations regarding your difficulties fair and focused.
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Who is your counsellor?  

Your counsellor is a fully trained and qualified professional with many years of experience who will work with you and your partner during your intensive relationship sessions.

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Where am I located?  

Relationship Recover is located in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Kentville is a town in Kings County, Nova Scotia. It is one of the main towns in the Annapolis Valley, and it is the county seat of Kings County.

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How do you contact me?  

You may contact me at any time by email or telephone and I aim to respond to all enquiries within the shortest possible time. I will be pleased to discuss all aspects of Relationship Recover with you.

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The Aims of Relationship Recover

Relationship Recover almost always advocates for marriage and to save relationships wherever possible, but not at any cost. I believe that people have a right to reach out for their own happiness. Sometimes that means recognizing you have done all you can and only by leaving the relationship will you find the happiness you are seeking. Children can also benefit greatly when their parents are happier and treat each other with respect and love and sometimes this can only become reality after the relationship ends. I can also help you face the reality that is separation and divorce if that is the path you choose.

Rocky relationships run a wide gamut, anywhere from needing to make some improvements in what is basically a sound relationship to being on the path to divorce. Wherever you are in your relationship with each other my objective is to support you both.

Interactions throughout your life have moulded the way you deal with emotional and physical intimacy. I will talk about allowing each other to be vulnerable and trusting, and how to share your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and physical connections with each other without fear. Many therapies focus on the individual and attempt to solve the problems within a relationship by only addressing the issues of the individual. At Relationship Recover I look at the relationship, at the couple and at the interactions between you. During your two day relationship retreat it may be the first time that you have ever spoken openly or explained freely about how you feel about your relationship, about each other and about your hopes for the future.

How can Relationship Recover help?

The following is a list of just some of the problems encountered by couples as they negotiate their way through their relationship.

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